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Gelato Equipment & Material
Following its parent show in Italy, SIGEP China is the only show on the market to showcase the entire supply chain of artisanal gelato, the quintessential Italian delicacy that has conquered the world.SIGEP China is a not-to-be-missed date for all professionals and operators in the gelato industry in Asia and beyond.

Exhibiting Sectors:
Machinery and systems | Raw materials and ingredients | Furniture and equipment | Refrigerated showcases and Confection | Accessories for product presentation | Packaging | Franchising | Professional training | Services


Bakery Equipment & Material
The entire Artisan Bakery supply chain is waiting for you at SIGEP CHINA! The entire supply chain for bakery, confectionery and pizza is on show with ingredients, semi-finished products and a complete range of technologies, from machinery to systems and equipment, besides services and furnishings — a truly exclusive assortment that defines new trends and focuses on innovation.

Exhibiting Sectors:
Machinery and systems |Raw materials and ingredients | Furniture and equipment |Window displays and Confection |Accessories for product presentation |Packaging |Franchisors |Professional training |Services


Pastry Equipment & Material
The traditional pastry section brings together all the leading names in ingredients, technologies, furnishings, packaging and services. Here you will find the highest concentration of industry players in China and all over the world. SIGEP China represents a not-to-be-missed appointment for anyone wishing to understand the importance of the professional pastry sector.

Exhibiting Sectors:
Machinery and systems |Raw materials and ingredients |Furniture and equipment |Window displays and Confection |Accessories for product presentation |Packaging |Franchisors |Professional training |Services


Coffee Equipment & Material
The entire coffee supply chain showcased in a can’t be missed event for the industry in China. All the producers and technologies revolving around the world of ESPRESSO! This section portrays the entire coffee supply chain through a major exhibition and a series of international initiatives and competitions. SIGEP includes a multi-faceted exposition covering the entire coffee supply chain, from plantations around the world to a wide range of processing techniques and on to tasting.

Exhibiting Sectors:
Coffee Machines | Coffee Raw Materials | Coffee Technology | Other Coffee Equipment


Chocolate Equipment & Materials
Chocolate is the spotlight at SIGEP CHINA! The only world-class industry expo showcasing excellence throughout the Artisan Chocolate supply chain. SIGEP's section dedicated to chocolate brings together the best Chinese and foreign manufacturers of chocolate and chocolate production machinery, equipment and accessories, together with events, competitions and demos dedicated to the precious “food of the gods”.

Exhibiting Sectors:
Chocolate Raw Materials | Chocolate Technology | Other Auxiliary Equipment

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