CTl Latte Art Duel & Brewing For Fun

CTl Latte Art Duel

CTl Latte Art Duel, after nine years of competition, has become a stage that coffee artists who love latte art aspire to.

This platform is not only an arena where fun, efficiency, and professionalism intertwine, but also a platform for participants to realize their professional value and showcase their personal charm. At the same time, it continuously explores and delivers potential talents for the coffee industry.

In this competition that constantly pursues excellence and continuous innovation, we together explore the profound connotation and infinite possibilities of coffee culture.




With the trumpet of the new season sounding, CTl Latte Art Duel will continue to bring endless surprises. The carefully designed format is full of fun and challenges, aiming to fully unleash the potential and creativity of the participants.

In the intense competition, the clever integration of variety show elements and strong interactive atmosphere ignite every corner of the venue.

The seemingly simple latte art moves actually contain profound skills and wisdom. From the moment of frothing the milk, every detail tests the contestants' skills and concentration. On a logical level, they need to accurately grasp the landing point, speed, and timing, while on an emotional level, it is a comprehensive test of their psychological qualities, aesthetic perception, and empathy. This is a competition for the brave and an ultimate pursuit of coffee latte art.

Time flies, and a new season is about to come. We eagerly await every contestant's new breakthroughs and wonderful performances on the competition stage. The 2024 CTl Latte Art Duel officially kicks off, starting in Shenzhen. Let us witness together the brilliant display of this coffee latte art feast!

CTl Brewing For Fun

The charm of coffee brewing lies in the infinite creativity and possibilities it contains.

The precision of grinding, the control of water temperature, the mastery of time, and the choice of water quality, these seemingly small details have all undergone scientific and precise calculations, weaving together the unique flavor of a cup of coffee.

Moreover, there are various brewing methods available, allowing everyone to inject their personalized soul based on their own taste and aesthetic preferences.、




When the ground coffee meets water, the aroma gradually fills the air, enveloping every hopeful heart. In that moment, we patiently wait, watching the unique flavors of acidity, sweetness, and origin blend in the cup. This short few minutes of hand brewing is not only the process of making coffee, but also a journey of healing for the soul.

In 2023, CTl Brewing For Fun has traveled through 10 cities, bringing together nearly 300 coffee enthusiasts from all walks of life. With their unique brewing ideas, they have presented us with splendid coffee feasts, expressing their deep love for coffee together.

Now, the doors to the 2024 CTl Brewing For Fun are officially open! Whether you are a seasoned barista or an amateur coffee enthusiast, whether you have a professional bar or competition experience, as long as you have a passionate heart for hand-brewed coffee, we warmly invite you to join this coffee feast and explore the limitless charm of brewing together!

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