Bread in the City (China Region Selection)

Bread in the City is a baking competition organised by SIGEP Rimini and co-sponsored by the Richemont Club, aiming to gather teams from all over the world in Rimini, Italy, for an exchange of bakery skills and competitions.


Date : 24th - 26th April 2024

Venue : Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre (Futian) Hall 1

SIGEP China aims to promote the development and co-operation of the bakery industry, providing an opportunity for industry players to learn, share and co-operate with each other. The introduction of Bread in the City - International Baking Competition (China Region Selection) provides a stage for baking talents to showcase their talents. Participants can not only show their skills in the competition, but also gain new inspiration and creativity through communication and interaction with other participants.

The Bread in the City - International Baking Competition (China Region Selection) will gather bakers and pizza masters from all over the country in teams of two to demonstrate their exquisite production skills at SIGEP China in Shenzhen. The event is a team competition, where each team consists of two contestants, with one of them acting as the captain as the only person who can communicate with the judges.

The winning team will represent China to fly directly to Italy to participate in the Bread in the City - International Baking Championship Global Final 2025.

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The Richemont Club is an international organisation with several member clubs. The member countries of the Richemont Club are carefully selected, where excellence, work ethic, nature, emotions, pleasure and even sensuality are part of their daily routine.The Richemont Club is committed to a tailor-made promotion programme for young bakers.

On the site of SIGEP China Shenzhen in May 2023, the International President of the Richemont Club, Robert Italia, and the SIGEP team, announced China's official accession to the Richemont Club and the establishment of the Richemont Club China, with Mr Cao Jitong as the President of the Richemont Club China.


In order to meet the actual needs of the domestic market, this Bread in the City - International Baking Championship (China Region Selection) will be more relevant to the Chinese market, and all the contents of the competition will be based on the actual sellable angle of the bakery.

All the contents of the competition are based on the actual sellability of the bakery, and the process of the competition also takes into account how many baked goods the contestants can produce as much as possible during the 8 hours of the competition, which makes the competition more interesting and practical through the combination of the design of these considerations and the skills of the contestants.

The competition is very physically demanding and more closely aligned to a category produced in local shops, where products and flavours are first spelled out after all elements of the competition have been satisfied that they can be completed. All entries require competitors to be on site for 8 hours to produce the following categories.

Competition category




Sourdough bread


Individual creation special bread

Nutritional bread

Home country herb bread




Viennoiserie n° 1 with leavened pastry

Viennoiserie n° 2 with leavened puff pastry


Shortcrust pastry tart

Puff pastry tart



Traditional pan/bakery pizza (Margherita) 

Pan/bakery pizza (Free choice)

Quiche with leavened puff pastry 

Quiche with shortcrust pastry

Savoury filled viennoiserie

Small long loaves

Mini milk rolls

Filled club sandwich

Rectangular pan loaf



Team China performance review


Team China won the 3rd place in the Grand Final of the 4th Bread in the City - International Baking Championship 2023.

Also awarded: Special Prize for Best Artistic Bread Work, Special Prize for Best Chabata



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